Call for Papers – AGLSP 2018 Fall Conference

The Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs (AGLSP), a professional organization that provides working adults with interdisciplinary graduate-level education in the liberal arts and sciences, is calling for papers for the 2018 Fall Conference hosted by Arizona State University on October 11-13. The theme for the conference is “Borders & Migrations.” Paper proposals are due May 16.

Please see the flier below for more information:

AGLSP 2018 CFP(1)

AGLSP Conference and Call for Papers – Extension to 5/31


The halls of academe pulse with traditions stretching back to the Middle Ages, leading some critics to view it as a change-resistant monolith.  But tradition in and of itself is neither binding nor blinding and, in its best form, is an energizing force for transformation.  Furthermore, many of today’s most vexing cultural concerns stand at the nexus between tradition and transformation, as differing interpretations of the past and differing visions for the future compete to achieve dominance.  During the 2016 AGLSP conference, therefore, we will explore the dynamic interplay between these two very important forces – tradition and transformation – in the arts, the humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences.

We invite papers that examine various disciplines’ traditions or that explore the radical, or even subtle, transformations unfolding within and across disciplines.  Of particular interest are proposals that consider how interdisciplinary perspectives inform both tradition and transformation, not only within academia but also within cultures, communities, and world at large.  Engage in lively discussions as we seek to honor tradition while not being bound by it, as we embrace change while preserving the best of our past, and as we engage new forms of learning made possible through emergent technologies.  Join us in Oklahoma City, where a pioneering tradition is transforming the urban landscape.


Proposals must be submitted in writing and should be a maximum of 250 words.  Proposals are due May 31, 2016 and must be submitted using the online form linked at the AGLSP conference page.  Notifications of acceptance will occur by June 3, 2016.  Chosen presenters should expect to prepare a 20-minute presentation to be delivered in person at the conference in October.

Proposals due May 31, 2016 –


AGLSP Confluence Submission Guidelines

Did you know The Association for Graduate Liberal Studies, or AGLSP, has their own publication called Confluence?  This is a wonderful publishing opportunity for MALS and IDS students.  For more information about the publication, check out their homepage.  Here are their submission guidelines:

Confluence welcomes manuscripts from (1) students, (2) faculty, and (3) graduates of AGLSP member programs, including essays, research papers, short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, art pieces, and photography.  The journal also accepts book reviews of interdisciplinary works of interest to the Liberal Arts Community.  Students, faculty, and graduates who are not members of the AGLSP may submit if they establish AGLSP individual membership.  Note:  Alumni are allowed to submit within one year’s time following completion of their graduate degree programs.  To submit beyond this time, one must establish individual AGLSP membership.  See Membership for instructions.

Style Guidelines:

*          Prose manuscripts may be up to 20 double-spaced pages, including bibliography, tables, images, and endnotes.   Poetry should be single-spaced, with each poem limited to 10 pages.  No more than one work of prose, three poems, three art pieces, or three photographs.  You may submit in two genres.  All work must be your original creation.

*          The journal follows the Chicago Manual of Style:  please consult the manual when composing your manuscript.  Use endnotes as opposed to footnotes.  Endnotes should appear directly following the text.

*          12 pt. type, Times New Roman Style

*          The editors must insist that each writer takes care in preparing the manuscript.  Style (italicization, bold underlining, etc.) should be consistent throughout the manuscript such as in the treatment of book titles and foreign words.  Proofread careful for possible errors of any sort, noting especially any foreign or highly technical words or phrases.

*          The first page of your manuscript should begin with the title of the piece, followed by the author’s/authors’ names(s).  The manuscript should follow with no page headers/footers or any other designations.  Please number your pages.  Manuscript should allow for 1” margins.

*          All text, including tables, must be incorporated into the body of the manuscript.  Any graphic material such as photographs or diagrams should be submitted as separate digital files (jpeg.pdf.tff.).  The dimensions of graphics should be no greater than 4.25 inches wide by 6/5 inches high with a resolution of 300 dpi or greater.  The placement of graphic material must be clearly indicated in the body of the manuscript.

*          Prepare a short biographical statement as a separate document.  The biographical statement should be from three to five sentences in length and should include the author’s institutional and program affiliation.  After the biographical statement, also include full phone, email, and mailing information.

*          Submit manuscript and biographical statement files to in Windows format, Word document, by email to the editor.  In the Subject section of the email, state “Confluence Submission” and the title of your submission.  Your submission will be acknowledged by e-mail and will be under review and consideration for approximately three months.  All rights return to the author of the original work.

Gary D. Swaim, Editor-in-Chief

Confluence: The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies

Southern Methodist University

P.O. Box 750253

Dallas, TX 75275-0253

SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR THE OCTOBER CONFLUENCE HAS PASSED.  Check the AGLSP Confluence webpage for next submission opportunity.


2015 AGLSP Conference


MALS/IDS Director David Gitomer and Associate Director Susan Jacobs will be attending the 2015 Annual AGLSP Conference in San Jose, CA.  The Association for Graduate Liberal Studies brings together graduate Liberal Studies programs throughout the US and Canada  and publishes Confluence,  a magazine devoted to publishing the work of graduate Liberal Studies students.  DePaul’s MALS/IDS representatives attend the conference each year to share “best of practices” and network with approximately 130  similar graduate programs. DePaul’s MALS/IDS Programs hosted the 2013 AGLSP Conference, which featured many of our own students and faculty as presenters and moderators throughout the 3 day event. Check the AGLSP website frequently for national events and publishing opportunities.