Open for Submissions: Glassworks

DePaul’s English Graduate News Source, Ex Libris, has news of an exciting opportunity!


Glassworks, Rowan University’s graduate literary magazine, is open for submissions! Glassworks is looking for fiction, poetry, nonfiction, craft essays, art, and new media.

You can find more information and submit online through Decmber 15th at



AGLSP Conference and Call for Papers – Extension to 5/31


The halls of academe pulse with traditions stretching back to the Middle Ages, leading some critics to view it as a change-resistant monolith.  But tradition in and of itself is neither binding nor blinding and, in its best form, is an energizing force for transformation.  Furthermore, many of today’s most vexing cultural concerns stand at the nexus between tradition and transformation, as differing interpretations of the past and differing visions for the future compete to achieve dominance.  During the 2016 AGLSP conference, therefore, we will explore the dynamic interplay between these two very important forces – tradition and transformation – in the arts, the humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences.

We invite papers that examine various disciplines’ traditions or that explore the radical, or even subtle, transformations unfolding within and across disciplines.  Of particular interest are proposals that consider how interdisciplinary perspectives inform both tradition and transformation, not only within academia but also within cultures, communities, and world at large.  Engage in lively discussions as we seek to honor tradition while not being bound by it, as we embrace change while preserving the best of our past, and as we engage new forms of learning made possible through emergent technologies.  Join us in Oklahoma City, where a pioneering tradition is transforming the urban landscape.


Proposals must be submitted in writing and should be a maximum of 250 words.  Proposals are due May 31, 2016 and must be submitted using the online form linked at the AGLSP conference page.  Notifications of acceptance will occur by June 3, 2016.  Chosen presenters should expect to prepare a 20-minute presentation to be delivered in person at the conference in October.

Proposals due May 31, 2016 –


Palaver Submissions


Palaver is UNCW’s online interdisciplinary journal housed in the Graduate Liberal Studies Program.

We are asking for creative or academic* submissions that defy the confines of a single discipline and have asccessible language.

We were recently named on of Flavorwire’s top ten hybrid magazines to follow.

Click here to reach our guidelines and submit your work!

*Written academic submissions should be typed, double-spaced, and follow MLA guidelines.  Due to the volume of submissions Palaver receives, we ask that academic pieces run no longer than twenty-five pages.  Palaver does not accept previously published work, be it print or online.

Questions can be addressed to

Blueshift Journal

Our friends over at the Ex Libris blog had the following submission call…

The Blueshift Journal Open for Submissions

The Blueshift Journal is now accepting submissions to their 4th issue. Blueshift is a student-run, international, tri-annual publication, with two online issues and one print issue, available free of charge.

Deadline for issue 4 is January 1st. Submission information can be found here, and visit them on Facebook here.

From Blueshift:

“What kind of work do we want? On a microscopic level, scientists say that nothing ever touches.  Electrons repel each other; our very atoms shy away from trembling connection. Even in someone’s arms, we are galaxies apart, orbiting. We are impossibly distant. Hugely empty, dangerously full, our inability to touch draws us together. We long to reach our fingers out and feel the reverberations through the empty air of a heart that is not our own. We yearn enough to make the stars rush in towards us. In emptiness, we aspire to collision, to explosion, to that patterned disorder that created us and burns in us still. Blueshift is the yearning, the telltale sign that we have never been alone.”

Publishing Opportunity from our Friends from Ex Libris!

The MA english department’s Ex Libris newsletter has some great upcoming publishing opportunities.  There were so many live links I copied and pasted the email for everyone so pardon the clunkier blog-post aesthetics, but there is a ton here.  Enjoy!

Ex Libris

Call for Academic Submissions from Palaver

The University of North Carolina Wilmington‘s (UNCW) interdisciplinary journal Palaver is seeking academic submissions.  Palaver is an online journal housed in UNCW’s Graduate Liberal Studies Program and are looking for content that, “defy…


Saints and Sinners LGBT Literary Festival

The 2016 Saints and Sinners LGBT Literary Festival‘s Writing Contest’s Deadline has been extended to November 2, 2015. The Saints and Sinners Literary Festival was founded in 2003 as a new…

Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop Submissions Open

Callaloo, the premier literary journal of the African Diaspora, is now accepting applications for the 2016 Brown Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop (CCWW). They invite submissions of poetry or fiction for admission…

Reminder: Submit to the Guild Literary Complex 2015 Prose Awards

Thursday, October 22 at 5:00 pm is the deadline to submit to The Guild Literary Complex for their 2015 prose awards for short fiction and non-fiction. Every fall, the Guild Complex acknowledges emerging and established…