2017 Convergence – Now Available!


MALS/IDS is happy to announce the release of our latest issue of Convergence. MALS/IDS students and alumni should anticipate the arrival of Convergence in their mailboxes within the next few weeks. Until then, please browse the issue (here) on our blog. This edition is focused on the intersections of interdisciplinarity in the lives of our students and the DePaul community. We have highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of the MALS and IDS Programs and discussed the benefits of interdisciplinary degrees and skills. Our in-depth article for this issue spotlights the certificate programs at DePaul, which allow students to gain specialization in an area of focus in a couple courses alongside the pursuit of their degree. Also featured in this issue: get to know students like Geoff Stellfox and new student Estella Achinko as they share their stories with the program, and join us in congratulating our students for their academic achievements.

You can download a PDF of Convergence here.

Thank you to all that contributed to this issue of Convergence!

2016 Convergence Now Available


MALS/IDS is happy to announce the release of our latest issue of  Convergence.  MALS/IDS students and alumni should anticipate the arrival of Convergence in their mailboxes within the next few weeks.  Until then please browse the issue (here) on our blog.  This edition has a wide range of topics and personalities featured.  The benefits of attending conferences is explored.  Sarah Brown, the senior Technology Consultant and Project Lead for e-portfolios at DePaul, shares her insights on Digication.  Graduating students Hakki Gurkan and Megan Metzger give first-person narratives reflecting on their time at DePaul.  Finally we welcome two new students, Rachel Conrad and Sana Bell, who were interviewed about starting their DePaul journeys.

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Interdisciplinary Studies: Creating New Possibilities

The majority of MALS/IDS students now gravitate toward a more individualized Interdisciplinary Studies model; our students seek specific combinations of subject areas that enhance their current expertise or lead them to create new intellectual and work-related possibilities. Most importantly, we see growing valuation of Interdisciplinary Studies in the professions and in further post-graduate studies programs. Our students can often demonstrate to employers that customized studies add value to the workplace (ie. worthy of tuition reimbursement). Others use their MALS/IDS degree to earn admission to P.h.D. programs, more of which recognize Interdisciplinary Studies as a viable academic step towards advanced degrees. Our students often share their exciting discoveries in local, national, and international professional and academic conferences and publications.

As many programs throughout DePaul reach across the disciplines, more interdisciplinary activities have become available. Our students and faculty participate actively in the “Crossing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference.”  They might attend a Humanities Center interdisciplinary improv comedy event, or a seminar in Liberal Arts and Sciences that includes discussion of environmentalism, public policy, and the economics of green architecture, and so on.

By the time MALS/IDS students reach their culminating projects, whether they choose to complete a thesis/dissertation, a practicum, an exit course or extended portfolio, we expect them to feel the strength of new expertise, confidence in presenting their findings, and the true intellectual thrill of having constructed and completed advanced studies. And because their academic network extends throughout the university, they take ownership of exciting new possibilities. 

MALS/IDS Newsletter: Convergence Winter/Spring 2015

We are very excited to unveil the latest edition of our annual publication, Convergence, to the public today. This volume is the result of collaboration between students, staff, and faculty across DePaul, and we are very proud of the finished product.

You may view this edition in PDF form (with live links) here: Convergence 2015 FINAL Clickable Links

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Thank you to all those who were featured in or contributed to this issue!