Guest Speaker on “Applied Media Studies and the Medical Futures Lab”

Please join in welcoming Dr. Kirsten Ostherr, PhD, MPH. She will be guest speaking on the Lincoln Park Campus for two days of presentations. The event takes place October 10-11, 2018 in the Richardson Library Idea Labs 1 & 2 (JTR 206 & 207).

Dr. Ostherr is a media scholar, health researcher, and technology analyst at Rice University in Houston, Texas. She is founder and director of the Medical Futures Lab, and she has published widely on medicine and media. Her research on trust and privacy in digital health ecosystems has been featured in SlateThe Washington PostBig Data & Society, and Catalyst.

Ostherr flyer under the hood

This will be Dr. Ostherr’s second presentation “Applied Media Studies and the Medical Futures Lab.” It will take place on Thursday, Oct, 11, 10:00-11:00 am. In this talk, she will discuss some of the work involved in creating her lab, the Medical Futures Lab, and a book and Scalar site she recently edited, called Applied Media Studies. The book focuses on how, in the age of the maker movement, hackathons and do-it-yourself participatory culture, the boundaries between digital media theory and production have dissolved. Multidisciplinary humanities labs have sprung up around the globe, generating new forms of hands-on, critical and creative work. The scholars, artists, and scientists behind the projects in Applied Media Studies have invented new ways of doing media studies teaching and research, developing innovative techniques through experimental practice. This book of case studies brought together practitioners of applied media studies, presenting their expertise through a combination of case studies and collaborative interviews, providing a roadmap for how and why to do hands-on media work in the digital age.