Guest Speaker on “Digital Health Humanities”

Please join in welcoming Dr. Kirsten Ostherr, PhD, MPH. She will be guest speaking on the Lincoln Park Campus for two days of presentations. The event takes place October 10-11, 2018 in the Richardson Library Idea Labs 1 & 2 (JTR 206 & 207).

Dr. Ostherr is a media scholar, health researcher, and technology analyst at Rice University in Houston, Texas. She is founder and director of the Medical Futures Lab, and she has published widely on medicine and media. Her research on trust and privacy in digital health ecosystems has been featured in SlateThe Washington PostBig Data & Society, and Catalyst.

Osther flyer digital health humanities mseditsOn Wednesday, Oct 10, 6-7:30pm, Dr. Ostherr will present “Digital Health Humanities.” In this talk, she will discuss “digital health humanities,” an emerging research method that blends critical analysis with the use of computational tools to explore research questions related to digital information and communication technologies (ICTs) in health care. As a method that draws from and extends the fields of digital humanities and health humanities, digital health humanities employs digital tools to conduct humanities health research focusing on ICTs as objects of inquiry within the domain of health. Through analysis of the social and technical features of digital health technologies, this method emphasizes engagement with patients, caregivers, and other research participants that use the technologies under investigation. This talk will explain how Ostherr’s lab, the Medical Futures Lab, has identified research problems suitable for exploration and intervention using digital tools, gathered data on the need for and appropriateness of a digital health design intervention for a specific problem or patient population, and assessed the necessary social and technical features of digital ecosystems.

reception will follow the event on Wednesday evening.