Who We Are: Sana Bell

sana bellMy interests in race/racism, politics, public policy, social norms/perceptions, law, and Black liberation have transformed into a passion for African-Centered Education, Critical Legal Theory, Critical Pedagogy, Critical Race Theory, Curriculum Theory, and Urban Education. These interests have led me to fields of study that allows me to pursue more than one interest and take part in a lifelong interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary journey. Each of my courses has helped me expand on my interests through deeper exploration and critical analysis of the connection between society, power, and education, which provide the foundation for my next steps academically and professionally. Out of the courses I have taken so far, three of them are key for the remainder of my academic journey at DePaul and increases my admiration for African-Centered Education.

From wanting to understand how politics and policies affect racial identities and ideologies to critical theories on race and education, the remainder of my program will focus on the role education plays in perpetuation society’s social constructions, castes, and oppressions. The remainder of my program is also final preparation for doctoral study in education, by pursuing more opportunities for research and writing.  This includes taking more courses in Social and Cultural Studies in Education and Human Development. I hope to complete the program with a thesis.  My research focus will continue to uncover the societal impacts on education and remain vocal of the importance of anti-oppressive African-Centered curriculum for African American students.

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