2017 Convergence – Now Available!


MALS/IDS is happy to announce the release of our latest issue of Convergence. MALS/IDS students and alumni should anticipate the arrival of Convergence in their mailboxes within the next few weeks. Until then, please browse the issue (here) on our blog. This edition is focused on the intersections of interdisciplinarity in the lives of our students and the DePaul community. We have highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of the MALS and IDS Programs and discussed the benefits of interdisciplinary degrees and skills. Our in-depth article for this issue spotlights the certificate programs at DePaul, which allow students to gain specialization in an area of focus in a couple courses alongside the pursuit of their degree. Also featured in this issue: get to know students like Geoff Stellfox and new student Estella Achinko as they share their stories with the program, and join us in congratulating our students for their academic achievements.

You can download a PDF of Convergence here.

Thank you to all that contributed to this issue of Convergence!