We are excited to invite you to two very important events geared around graduate completion of dissertation/thesis projects. MALS/IDS students have actively participated in these conferences, and have characterized their take-away experiences as extremely helpful, important, and pivotal in their thesis/dissertation completion processes.

We strongly encourage ALL MALS/IDS students to attend, regardless of your program progress or completion option. These two conferences provide excellent resources and presentation experience for all interdisciplinary students. In addition to  shaping your own thesis/dissertation or other completion option, learn what your academic colleagues are working on and help cheer on their presentations. Your participation is needed as presenters and audience members, and the time spent will be well worthwhile.

“Thesis and Dissertation Conference” 

Feb. 4, 2017, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, LPC


Attend workshops dealing with thesis/dissertation planning, research, writing, editing, evaluating qualitative/quantitative results, library resources and more.  Along with sessions hosted by the Library, Writing Center, and more, Susan Jacobs will host a panel of interdisciplinary students at all stages of the thesis/dissertation process. This conference offers an excellent networking and resource-gathering opportunity. Attend some or all of the sessions. RSVP here.


 “Crossing Boundaries Graduate Student Conference” 

Mar. 3, 2017, 12:00 – 5:00 pm, LPC

***The submission deadline for “Crossing Boundaries” has been extended through Jan. 22, 2017.***


This excellent conference showcases graduate interdisciplinary work from around the university, and offers an opportunity to present an in-progress or completed paper or poster in an academic conference setting.  It’s also a terrific opportunity to attend presentations, support your academic colleagues, network, and learn how an academic conference works. Submit paper and/or poster proposals and register for the event here.

Please refer to the 2016 Convergence which describes last year’s conference experiences.  We’ll be happy to help with any questions about registration or proposals. See you there!