Winter Quarter Course Offering

Are you still in need of a winter quarter course?

Check out Catholics and Muslims in Western Tradition (CTH 389/ REL 340 / PSC 339 / MLS 488):


“The course will discuss the historical development of the relations between the Catholic Church and Islam.

We will touch topics such as the Crusades, the role of Mary, and the development of the dialogue during the 20th century.

We will have exceptional guest speakers; among them, Dr. Mathieu Caesar from the University of Geneve (Switzerland), a scholar on the Crusades, and Dr. Rita Trvkovick, who is working on the devotion to Mary in the Muslim world. Finally, we will discuss some contemporary aspects of the Catholic-Muslim dialogue.

The class is cross-listed by Catholic Studies, Religious Studies, Political Science, and the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies/Sciences in Interdisciplinary Studies.”

Here is also a flyer for an event connected to the class: