Services Around DePaul

DePaul University has a plethora of services worth knowing about, yet not every student is aware they exist. It is important to be aware of these services because they can provide the assistance that may enhance your academic experience. We have compiled for you links to services and information. Read on to learn more about them!

Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Services

“Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs assists these populations in their transition to college and supports them in achieving their educational goals. By collaborating with key university and external partners provides services, resources and programs that address the specific needs of this student population. The office also works to create an environment that encourages and nurtures student engagement in campus life.”

This service also hosts the Adult Student Center, which is a “one-stop resource center where adult students can network, find resources on financial/career planning, academic skill development, life balance issues, get their questions answered, study, relax and grab a quick cup of coffee, tea or water.” You can find the Adult Student Center in in 11017 DePaul Center. Hours and additional information is here.

You can visit the Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Services page here.

The Center for Identity, Inclusion and Social Change

“The Center for Identity, Inclusion and Social Change provides integrative educational experiences for students, faculty, and staff to facilitate critical conversations around race, gender, sexuality, social justice, and the interplay of power and identity. The Center nurtures collaborative partnerships to foster an inclusive campus environment through student engagement, community building and identity-conscious leadership development.  The Center for Identity, Inclusion and Social Change provides advocacy and support for students experiencing interpersonal, intrapersonal and systemic oppression.”

You can visit the Center for Identity, Inclusion and Social Change page here.

Office of Multicultural Student Success

“The Office of Multicultural Student Success seeks to cultivate success for students of color, low-income college students, and first-generation college students through sustained developmental programming, financial resources, and advocacy.”

OMSS also offers job opportunities through their page to students.

You can visit the Office of Multicultural Student Success page here.

Office of Religious Diversity

“In our care for religious diversity, we actively seek to create a genuine Spirit of Hospitality in all our services and encounters. In our hospitality, we invite one another to our sacred spaces and to conversations that are guided by our Four Ways of Interfaith Dialogue and the spiritual values of our respective faith and spiritual communities.”

The Office of Religious Diversity has several programs for you to check out, too.

You can visit the Office of Religious Diversity page here.

Graduate Student Support

“The Graduate Student Services Office assists students in the graduate programs of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences throughout their academic careers. From orientation to graduation, the Graduate Student Services Office is dedicated to helping students meet their educational goals. Providing administrative support to academic processes, the Graduate Student Services Office plays a part in transferring academic credit, registering for independent study and completing graduation requirements.”

This office also “provides supplementary advising on administrative, policy and procedural matters.”

You can visit the Graduate Student Support page here.

Career Center

The Career Center has many resources that you should definitely take advantage of, such as career advising, mock job interviews, financial fitness advice, networking, and job and internship opportunities.

You can visit the Career Center page here.

ASK for Advice

“The DePaul Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) network connects DePaul students and graduates with alumni to explore college and professional transitions, life challenges, and university and career questions.”

A major benefit of this network is that the alumni share a connection with you through DePaul University and generally know what it is like to be in your shoes. You can even schedule mock interviews with alumni and ask them tips about how they got into their current professions.

You can visit the ASK page here.

Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning

“The Steans Center develops mutually beneficial relationships with community organizations to engage DePaul students in educational opportunities grounded in Vincentian values of respect for human dignity and the quest for social justice.”

This organization is great if you are passionate about service learning, or if you are new to service learning and want a transformative experience.

You can visit the Steans Center page here.

Croak Student Legal Services

This service offers “high quality, free and confidential legal advice to DePaul students on a wide range of common legal issues, including landlord disputes, misdemeanor criminal offenses and more.”

It is important to note that Croak Student Legal Services cannot represent you in court. They can, however, “help you understand your rights and obligations, provide general recommendations and help you find useful resources, including referrals to licensed, practicing attorneys with experience related to your case.”

You can visit the Croak Student Legal Services page here.

Division of Student Affairs

“Programs and services provided by the Division of Student Affairs enrich student learning and the student experience outside of the classroom, both on campus and in the Chicago community. We support student success by identifying and addressing common barriers to college success, and we support student learning by cultivating opportunities that inspire students to explore their personal identities, faiths, values and roles in a global society. Through the division’s diverse offering of programs, leadership opportunities and quality support services, Student Affairs seeks to create an environment that advances students’ intellectual, personal, spiritual, social and civic development, and enables students to reach their highest potential.”

You can visit the Division of Student Affairs page here.