Study Group Resources

Study groups can be an invaluable research at DePaul. Putting your heads together with classmates and colleagues can not only help you succeed in your work, but other students, as well. If you are looking for ways to set up a study group, here are some ideas to help you:

  • One way students communicate is through the DePaul University Facebook pages. (There is no graduate student page that I can find, unfortunately.) You can try making a post on DePaul’s Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Facebook page and see if anyone replies.
  • Try asking a professor/department to send out an email asking if anyone is interested in forming a study group. They can send out an email to their students or advertise a study group in class.
  • Keep an eye out for clubs that advertise studying together. Some groups will host studying events near midterms and finals, and you can always ask them if they would be open to getting together every so often to study together.
  • Sometimes, students send out emails to their class asking if any classmates would be interested in studying together. You can send an email out to your classlist via D2L (under the classlist tab on your class page).
  • DePaul’s official site writes this: “A number of informal opportunities such as tutoring and student study groups also exist. More information can be found on your academic department website or by talking to your academic advisor and professors.” So, there may be study groups with specific focuses advertised within certain departments. Ask around!
  • Once you have a group together, you can rent out a space in the library to study together. Information for how to do so is here.