Who We Are: Rachel Conrad


Rachel Conrad, IDS, Current

Rachel Conrad comes to DePaul with a decade’s worth of teaching experience. She will use her self-constructed IDS program to carve out a fascinating niche of working with “third culture kids,” in order to “help them through their identity negotiation processes.” Her focus includes minority studies, non-fiction writing and story-telling,  along with educational theory.

While some would find returning to school daunting, Rachel sees it another way.  “After teaching and writing curriculum and obeying the ever-changing demands of state education for the past decade, I’m finding the freedom and singular concentration of the academic life highly liberating.”

DePaul’s LAS graduate programs offer students many conference opportunities.  Students are encouraged to participate in academic conferences as presenters and observers to the most current research and practice.  Rachel explains, “Because my topic is such a compilation, there’s no cohort or even one professor (that I’ve discovered yet) who is an expert in my field of study. But hey, that also means I’ve got center stage on any presenting/ publication opportunities.” As Rachel’s unique studies evolve, she has taken advantage of  DePaul conference events as a panel participant and presenter.

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