Who We Are: Hakki Gurkan


Hakki Gurkan, MALS, 2016

Hakki Gurkan is a modern renaissance man with a background that varies from sound design to the military to the Chicago Police Department and more.  As a part of his academic journey, he took great pleasure in the self-tailored nature  MALS and IDS  has to offer at DePaul.  “I have an insatiable desire to learn and MALS pushed me towards exploration.  Not just exploration in an abstract sense, but to explore in a concrete manner, to develop so that I can deftly handle any challenges and obstacles.”  The exploration Hakki describes led to a tremendous result. “I’ve become a better leader and have been able to excel in my field while continually looking to better myself as a person.”

As a graduating student this year Hakki reflects on his time spent at DePaul.  “The interdisciplinary MALS program taught me to see every issue from multiple perspectives.  This sets me apart from some of my technically trained peers and colleagues.”  In addition to enhancing his leadership skills and creating a truly unique resume, Hakki  found immense satisfaction in DePaul’s customizable programs.  As he put it, “The MALS Program allowed me to task my intellect, to nourish and feed it!

For more on Hakki and other MALS/IDS students,  check out the DePaul MALS and IDS newsletter Convergence, coming in April.