Yoga and Tantra with Dr. David Gitomer

ChakraswithSriYantraDavid Gitomer, the Director of DePaul’s MALS and IDS Program, is offering an amazing class next quarter.  Religion/AAS 344 is  cross listed with MLS 488:


Starting with the classical yoga of ancient India, moving to medieval Hatha Yoga concepts of the body’s chakras, and finally to Tibetan mandala and “conscious rebirth” practices that build on the earlier ideas, this course focuses on the phenomenon of spiritual liberation through the body in South Asian and Himalayan culture.  The development of modern studio yoga with its emphasis on physical and ChakraDiagrammental well-being will be traced from its origins as a response to British colonial contempt for the India body to its contemporary western practice and its role in Hindu nationalism.  Emphasis on constructions of gender in the yoga and tantra traditions will be central to the course.  Students with some background in Hinduism or Buddhism will have an advantage in preparation, but all students willing to absorb the rich philosophical and cultural texture of the pre-modern South Asian and Himalayan worldview will find the course enriching.