Who We Are: Laura McLaughlin

Laura Mc

Laura McLaughlin, IDS, 2012

When Laura McLaughlin came to DePaul, she intended to study the impact that organizational culture has on business as well as the greater community.  Like many IDS students, her customized program encompassed many more fields than anticipated.  She studied marketing, public relations, advertising, sociology, human-computer interaction, and more.

Laura’s studies took such a diverse range because “the classes I chose followed a passion that I found intriguing and have become a great compliment to my professional background. Because of the flexibility of DePaul’s IDS program, I can now make contributions that come from a unique perspective that is grounded in methodologies from a variety of academic disciplines, while at the same time add possibilities of new perspectives and solutions not previously thought of.”

To describe her overall experience with DePaul’s MALS/IDS program, Laura thanks DePaul for “taking the chance on the creativity of the students that you teach. You truly do empower us all to make a difference.”

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