Who We Are: Dr. Frank Chaten

Dr Frank

Dr. Frank Chaten, MALS, 2012

Dr. Frank Chaten came to DePaul with nearly two decades experience as a pediatric critical care physician but had the desire to “reawaken” parts of his brain.  It is safe to say his self-constructed MALS program accomplished that.  Along his journey Dr. Frank took classes on the world of wine, modern Irish literature, and much more.  He did not know it at the time but his path was one large circle, leading back to his medical roots.

Dr. Frank Chaten’s thesis explored organ donation and the ethical importance of donation balanced with religious definitions of death.  Working with Thomas O’Brien, Ph.D. of the Religious Studies Department, Dr. Chaten found one way to marry biology and theology.  Dr. Chaten writes, “This approach, outside the realm of traditional secular bioethics, would not have occurred to me had I not pursued the MALS program.”

To summarize Dr. Chaten’s experience in DePaul’s MALS and IDS program he says, “I’ve met lots of interesting people along the way and developed some friendships I otherwise would have missed. It’s been lots of fun and lots of work, especially the writing in virtually every course. But it’s been one of the more rewarding things I’ve done, leading me to unexpected places both personally and professionally.

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