Who We Are: Warren Davis

Warren Davis

Warren Davis, MALS, 2009

At a glance, politics and art do not have much overlap but when you realize how art can critique governments and policies can censor and neuter that expression, it becomes obvious that the two function in almost a yin and yang balance.  For MALS graduate Warren Davis, exploring this relationship has created a lifelong passion.  Warren studied theater and art at Arizona State before continuing on at DePaul.  His MALS/IDS final thesis, The Personal versus the Political: The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Names Project memorial AIDS Quilt in the 80s and early 90s, drew parallels between the two projects.

In describing art in its relationship to causes, politics, government, and more, Davis says, “Art study is interdisciplinary because the compartmentalization of art is false.”  It is this avoidance of a subdividing life that made DePaul’s customized MALS program so attractive.  Davis described his experience as a “unique perspective of self-reflection that synthesizes enriched education.”

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