Blueshift Journal

Our friends over at the Ex Libris blog had the following submission call…

The Blueshift Journal Open for Submissions

The Blueshift Journal is now accepting submissions to their 4th issue. Blueshift is a student-run, international, tri-annual publication, with two online issues and one print issue, available free of charge.

Deadline for issue 4 is January 1st. Submission information can be found here, and visit them on Facebook here.

From Blueshift:

“What kind of work do we want? On a microscopic level, scientists say that nothing ever touches.  Electrons repel each other; our very atoms shy away from trembling connection. Even in someone’s arms, we are galaxies apart, orbiting. We are impossibly distant. Hugely empty, dangerously full, our inability to touch draws us together. We long to reach our fingers out and feel the reverberations through the empty air of a heart that is not our own. We yearn enough to make the stars rush in towards us. In emptiness, we aspire to collision, to explosion, to that patterned disorder that created us and burns in us still. Blueshift is the yearning, the telltale sign that we have never been alone.”