Who We Are: Vesna Lazar


Vesna Lazar, MALS, 2013

Vesna Lazar’s customized MALS program let her turn traveling into an art form…literally.  Vesna combined study abroad, art, and writing into the culminating project Travel Essays and Drawings.  Despite a twisting global path, the goal was always clear to Vesna: “Quite quickly everything came together and suddenly I knew what I was looking for and how my personal views and experiences of history, politics and traveling could be expressed in creative ways.

The always reflective Vesna expresses the intersection of travel and learning she experienced through DePaul MALS and IDS, saying “As all travelers know, the great part of a journey is the anticipation and the hope for the experience that alters one’s points of view…no one wants to return to the exactly the same point from which one has departed. The intriguing part for me was, and still is, how this change occurs, what it is that happens to me and confirms the saying that one can never go back home.”

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