Who We Are: Derek Bagley


Derek Bagley, IDS, presently enrolled

In just a few months it will be 2016 and the Iowa Caucuses will kick-off the presidential election in January.  Twelve months from now we will be electing a new leader.  Most of us tip our toes in the shallow end of politics every few years but IDS student Derek Bagley breathes politics.  Coming from two congressional campaigns, Derek’s self-constructed program combined political science, public service and public policy.  “I think that we should know economics, history, writing and rhetoric. My classes tell me how to write policy, the history of the city, and how the theories of public housing work…when it comes to politics, it’s a very complex thing you’re trying to do…it requires a very broad skillset. What I’m learning is politics in its different forms and fashions.”

Derek plans to put his masters to work doing what he loves, “I can forge my own path and really learn what I want—what I feel I need to learn in my political field. For me, that freedom to explore and name my own challenges is really important.

Who knows, perhaps in 2024 we will see Bagley yard signs.

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