Who We Are: Jeff Tangel

Jeff II

Jeff Tangel, MALS, 2012 stands next to one of his libraries.

One of the primary goals of a customized MALS and IDS program is to become more worldly as person; but what if you desire to be worldly for the sake of, well, the world?  Coming as an environmental activist, Jeff Tangel’s self-constructed MALS journey was completed while working with DePaul’s Institute for Nature and Culture.  Jeff’s interdisciplinary studies bridged numerous fields.  “I decided that what I needed was a deeper understanding and the discipline and a process that would shape and meld my varied learning into some sort of cohesiveness.”

One way to attain this deeper understanding was through a wide range of literature. “I saw the MALS core courses as an exciting opportunity to widen my knowledge base – reading Homer and Dante, Raymond Williams and Bruno Latour, Frederick Douglass and W.E.B. DuBois… were just what I needed to connect with broader cultural ideas that I had missed or only encountered superficially. Choosing my electives was like being a kid in a candy store.”

Taking these experiences to heart, Jeff helped develop “free little libraries” for Englewood in Chicago’s south side.

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