Who We Are: Anne Walchak

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How can a customized IDS degree make you a better educator?  Anne Walchak’s IDS experiences gave her the opportunity to walk a mile in her student’s shoes.  On being an outsider, “I realized learning Arabic was the closest I had ever come to understanding how many of my students felt in school. I had spent most of my graduate study as a student, but as a thriving student. In Arabic, I was a struggling student. The feelings of frustration, empathy for my students, and the admiration for the positivity and understanding of my instructor were another layer to my education I may not have experienced had I not been an IDS student.

A self-constructed program not only allows students to study what they are passionate about but makes for  more worldly individuals.  Walchak cites this personal growth as an advantage to her professional advancement: “IDS gave me the opportunity to develop organically as both a student and a teacher and the platform with which to reflect upon and organize my experiences. June of 2015, I will have a graduate degree that is a true symbol of my passions, personal interests, and professional practice having come together.”

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