Who We Are: Madeline Runstrom


Madeline Runstrom, IDS, 2015

Humans often slip into thinking of life as a journey with specific destinations, especially in education.  The old refrain of high school to college to grad school is about as clichéd as you can get…but what of the explorers who think not linearly or of the world but introspectively and of our minds?  That is where Madeline Runstrom’s customized IDS program has led.  She has turned her learning inward to the very being of us, as humans.  “I study philosophical psychology and psychological philosophy to examine why people do, think, and feel the things they do. In essence, I look at different theories of the human condition. While the topic may seem vast, my mind works theoretically. I enjoy getting messy, and becoming overwhelmed. Where many people see separations, I see similarities. During my studies, I find myself building specific frameworks in which to think about myself and my work”

This exploration of the human psyche has shaped Madeline’s identity, “I do not just study interdisciplinarity; I am interdisciplinary…I am constantly moving, so that I may ceaselessly attempt to evolve beyond what I already am.”

Like the connections of the mind, the possibilities for your career and life journey are limitless with DePaul’s MALS/IDS program.

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