MALS/IDS Community Conference Opportunity: Land Ethics Conference

The Land Ethics Conference is looking for presenters who want to share their experiences working with and engaging with their interdisciplinary thinking communities.
The conference takes place in Baraboo, Wisconsin on August 12-15, and you are also invited to be a presenter!
Presentation proposals are due May 1st, 2015.

Building A Land Ethic: A Conference About Teaching and Learning Across Boundaries will be a unique professional development opportunity that will convene people from diverse professional and personal backgrounds who share the common goal of wanting to both understand and apply Leopold’s land ethic concept to their work.

Proposals are being sought for the following conference tracks:

Concurrent Track #1: Engaging Thinking Communities
Presentations in this track will focus on how leaders have created opportunities for dialog and engagement with Leopold’s ideas among various audiences, exploring conversations about how we both understand and apply the land ethic in a wide variety of settings, from college campuses to conservation organizations to local communities.

Concurrent Track #2: Land Ethic Youth Education
Thousands of educators nationwide are using the Leopold Education Project curriculum and other innovative tools to connect young people with nature and introduce them to Leopold’s ideas. This track highlights K-12 teachers and non-formal educators who will share ideas on how they have worked to instill a land ethic with the next generation.

Concurrent Track #3: Working Toward Land Health
Ambassadors for Leopold’s land ethic do not always work directly in an education or outreach capacity, but people who own or manage land have many lessons to share with the larger conservation community. Presentations in this track will highlight conservation partnerships and projects that have helped improve the health of the land.

Concurrent Track #4: The Art of Leopold
Leopold’s life defies easy categorization. He was an educator, forester, and dedicated wilderness advocate. He was also a gifted writer and illustrator. Art has the ability to communicate with the public in ways that words cannot by challenging one’s perceptions of the surrounding world. This track will invite artists and artisans of all kinds to share how Leopold’s ideas have been an inspiration for their creative passions.

Concurrent Track #5: The Science of Leopold
This track will highlight individuals who are carrying the scientific tradition of Leopold forward in their research and work. From the practice of phenological record keeping to the science of ecology, a wide range of conservation professionals from many disciplines are building further understanding of the complex entity that Leopold called “the land mechanism.”

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Presentation Proposals are due May 1st.
Please contact with any questions!