DePaul Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Conference- Fantastic Opportunity for MALS/IDS Students!

Students, if you are beginning the process of writing a Thesis or Dissertation, consider attending the upcoming Graduate Student Thesis and Dissertation Conference on February 21. 

This event is a one-day opportunity for current graduate students at DePaul to get information that can be applicable to the Thesis, Dissertation, and even portfolio or other large projects.

The goal is to provide an opportunity for information that can be applicable across disciplines and departments in an efficient manner.

Some of the sessions planned include:

  • Getting Started:  An overview of the beginning stages of starting on your thesis or major project. Content will cover many aspects from choosing an advisor to topic selection and proposal writing. An overview of developing a time line will be covered.
  • Understanding Your Writing Process:  A large writing assignment requires an individualized approach. This session will focus on identifying your style and making a plan for your process for writing that best suits you.
  • Online Database Research:  This session will give tips and tricks to utilizing the power of online databases to access research and information.
  • How Your Portfolio Can Help With Your Career Searching:  A culminating project like a portfolio or thesis can be an important unique attribute to your career search. This session will cover strategies for utilizing it in a job search.
  • Human Subjects and IRB:  An overview of IRB process at DePaul.
  • Editing:  Strategies for editing will be covered in this interactive session. Methods and their potential benefits will be discussed. Participants are encouraged to bring a piece of writing, whether a segment of current work or even a past paper, to discuss and analyze editing techniques.

What is the cost? Who can attend?

Any full or part time graduate student in degree-seeking program may attend. It is not just open to those completing a thesis or dissertation. If some of the sessions are applicable to your large paper or project, you are welcome.

This event is free and registration includes lunch. Child care is available for a $5 fee. See the RSVP site for more information!