MALS/IDS Highlights DePaul Sociology of Education Course

Still Scheduling classes for Winter Quarter? Interested in a Sociology of Education course?The DePaul Sociology Department will be offering SOC 133/433: Sociology of Education in Winter and Spring Quarter.
Winter Quarter, 2015
M/W 1:00-2:30 pm
Spring Quarter, 2015: Time TBA
Room TBA in LPC
Professor Melanie Gast, Ph.D.
Course Description
This is an upper-division and graduate-level course providing an introduction to the sociology of education. Education occupies a central role in our society as the site of both social reproduction and social mobility. In this course, we will focus on the origins and sources of racial/ethnic and socioeconomic inequality in public U.S. education while paying special attention to how disparities in school and family resources and conditions relate to the structure of schooling. The course will introduce you to sociological theories and research studies related to pre-college, U.S. public education. We will primarily read empirical research using national datasets or case studies of schools across the U.S.  The readings and discussion will have implications for public schooling in Chicago. The course is divided into three main learning modules: (1) historical origins and thinking about educational inequality, (2) sources of inequality in American education, and (2) prospects for reducing educational inequality.