MALS/IDS Student Assistant Caelin Niehoff Graduates, as Program Welcomes New Student Assistant Kristina Pouliot


MALS/IDS Student Assistant Caelin Niehoff will be leaving the Program’s Student Assistant position this September. Caelin recently completed her undergraduate degree at DePaul and will be traveling to Europe for an international conference in the coming weeks. She will present at the Women’s History Network Annual Conference: Home Fronts: Gender, War and Conflict at the University of Worcester.

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Not long ago Caelin was helping the MALS/IDS Program prepare to host their own national conference. Her time as the program’s Student Assistant enriched her administrative and organization skills, while also offering her the hands-on experience that comes with working in a graduate program office. She is applying to Master’s and Doctoral programs this fall and looks forward to the graduate school journey–a path she helped MALS/IDS students navigate over the past year.

With Caelin’s departure, the MALS/IDS Program welcomes its new Student Assistant: Kristina Pouliot. Kristina is transitioning into the position and will offer MALS/IDS students assistance beginning this September. Please look for more details (such as contact information) from Kristina in the near future!


MALS/IDS Receives New URL Web Addresses, As LAS Restructures College Website

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After a recent change in DePaul University’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences’ website structure, the MALS/IDS Program received new web addresses. To locate the MALS/IDS pages, resources and contact information, viewers should use the following URL links:
The new website not only brings digital changes for MALS/IDS, but also entails new on-line content for LAS graduate students. In particular, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences’ website directs graduate students to Student Resources and Graduate Student Support. Students looking for information regarding Thesis, Final Project, Independent Study, Internship and Graduation requirements designated by LAS should reference the Graduate Student Support section of the website in addition to MALS/IDS procedures and guidelines located on our respective pages and D2L Community Site (for admitted students).
The program’s former URL addresses should redirect viewers to the updated website, but if the browser fails to do so, then users should utilize the University’s new department-structured website via the new addresses. We apologize for any inconveniences you may encounter. If you have any trouble accessing online forms, documents or general information please do not hesitate to contact our offices; we can help you navigate the updated websites. Despite the changes, we hope you find the new websites efficient and accommodating!