New M.A. Program: Future Cross-Listings for MALS/IDS Students

Master of Arts in Digital Communication and Media Arts (DCMA)

DePaul MALS/IDS students build diverse curriculums that often combine coursework from programs across the university. The university’s new M.A. in Digital Communication and Media Arts will create additional opportunities for MALS/IDS students to integrate multiple disciplines within their studies. MALS/IDS is excited to announce a partnership and future cross-listings with the College of Communication and CDM’s new program.

Paralleling MALS/IDS values, the M.A. in Digital Communication fosters interdisciplinary, graduate education.  The program combines experiential skillsets and theoretical concepts. Supported by classes in “digital public relations, advertising, journalism, and technology communication,” students prepare themselves for the persistently changing digital world.

“The Master of Arts in Digital Communication integrates multiple topics all centered on the way contemporary technology is changing communication practices, for a truly interdisciplinary degree program.”

DCMA director, Paul Booth, has a history of listing courses across disciplines and colleges within the University. At the undergraduate level, his affiliation with the American Studies department brings students from the Social Sciences into the world of New Media and Communication.  Enthusiastic about the potential for a MALS/IDS presence, he welcomes the opportunity to build new departmental relationships at the graduate level.

The ability to communicate, particularly in the online world, is an enticing attribute to continuing education programs. An emphasis on “thorough and up-to-date- experiences” keeps the new M.A. program at the forefront of digital and media studies: fields characterized by their ability to adapt to, if not establish, new technology.

For more information about the DCMA program, check out their webpage ( and keep an eye out for future cross-listings when browsing MALS/IDS courses.

by Caelin Niehoff, Student Assistant