New English Course for Autumn 2013

The English department has announced another addition to their class listings for Autumn quarter. Though it is listed as a 300-level English course, it is also cross-listed with MALS/IDS under MLS 473. Please think about registering for this class early if interested. (See below for information and course description.)

ENG 389-101 Topics in Comparative Literature: Colonialism and Its Legacy

Prof. James Fairhall

TH 6:00-9:15

This course examines colonialism in its late phase, during the 19th and 20th centuries, and the period of post-colonialism in which we now live.  We will look at these two historical phenomena world through the lens of 20th-century literature: novels, two plays, a movie, and poetry.  We will read works by two Caribbean novelists and a poet/playwright (Rhys, Kincaid, and Walcott), a South African playwright (Fugard), and a Nigerian novelist (Achebe), as well as works by English writers (Kipling, Conrad, Forster).  Although the course focuses on British colonialism and post-colonialism, it includes one novel associated with the Vietnam War.  Graham Greene’s The Quiet American deals with French colonialism during the 1950s when the U.S. was taking over in parts of Southeast Asia as a postcolonial power and was about to get involved in what the Vietnamese soon would call “the American war.”