Chicago Crime Article by Friend of MALS/IDS

by Angelina Mendez

Friend and occasional MALS/IDS faculty member, Noah Isackson, has had a string of publicity lately surrounding his recent article in Chicago Magazine.

The article, an interview of Chicago Police Department Superintendant Garry McCarthy and an investigation of the rising rates of Chicago violent crime was published in the August edition of the magazine. Isackson explores the Superintendant’s history and his rise up the ranks of three cities’ departments. He then explains and examines the crime-fighting strategies used here in Chicago and how much murder rates have risen in the past year.

A recent interview Isackson did on the local Chicago Fox News channel focuses on the article and the problems with the work being done to fight violent crime as it related to gangs in the city. The Fraternal Order of Police President, Michael Shields, was also on the segment. He advocates more police officers being hired as a way to support and defend those already working to fight gang violence throughout the city.

Isackson was also interviewed on NPR recently regarding this issue. He talks about the concern with the rise in the rates of violent crime over the past year and the response that the Superintendant has been advocating to lower that rate.

If you have a chance, please read, view, and listen to these pieces. They provide a plethora of information about the problem of crime in the city and give different views of the related facts and statistics. Noah Isackson gives a grounded understanding of the problems in the city and really showcases his full understanding of the issue in these three pieces.

Again, the article can be found at; the video interview can be found at; and the radio interview can be found at