Still looking for an interesting Winter Quarter Course?

Consider registering for MLS 468/WGS 307/407: Women in the Middle East

In this course students will explore how Middle Eastern women have been represented in the media outside of the Middle East, by Arab women scholars and “Third World” feminists.

For centuries, Arab women have been depicted in various disparaging ways from the exotic harem girl to the rock throwing Intifada, to the submissive victims of Arab patriarchy. Students shall challenge these representations by focusing on the everyday lives of Arab women through scholaraly writings from the region, critiquing media images, and reading literary works and personal narratives of Arab women.

By the end of the course, students will have gaines understandings of the following areas of study: the veil, eroticization and exotification, women and Islam, Arab women’s everyday lives, selected literary works, political activism, economic and class issues, and media represenations.