Winter Quarter 2012 Course Offering for MALS and IDS Students

MLS 490 – Topics in Professional Writing: Health Care Wrtiting

LPC, MW 1:00-2:30 pm; 143 McGaw Hall

(Cross-listed with WRD 320)

Eileen Seifert


A survey of contemporary health care writing in a variety of venues and modes by professionals, patients, and other stakeholders, with particular attention to concepts of genre and audience. Students will analyze health writing from medical journals to patient listservs and create a portfolio of writing related to and about medical issues.

Eileen Seifert is the Associate Director of FYW in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, & Discourse. She has written on health care issues in the human resources and benefits sector and has taught a Junior Honors Seminar in health writing. Her special interest is the emerging online discourse of ovarian cancer patients and their families.