Courses for Autumn Quarter 2011 – MLS 401: Visions of the Self

All MALS students are required to complete MLS 401: Visions of the Self, which is the first of our core courses, taught each year in Autumn Quarter only. The course meets Monday evenings, 6 – 9:15, at LPC. And while our MALS students are required to take MLS 401, we often encourage IDS students to consider it as well. In fact, many of our IDS students include MLS 401 on their List of Courses and find it to be one of their favorite classes.

This year “Visions of the Self” is taught by Professor Charles Strain. The course provides excellent exploration of how people in multiple cultures, throughout history, have worked to make sense of the human struggle for identity. In addition to compelling  interdisciplinary subject matter, the course also incorporates reinforcement of advanced reading, writing and research skills at the graduate level, which benefits so many of our students, especially those who may have been away from academia for some time.

This is a true Liberal Arts course, where students and professor enjoy the opportunity to explore ideas deeply in relation to our personal, intellectual, and professional questions of how we define ourselves in diverse settings.  Professor Strain approaches the course seminar-style, which allows for a smaller, more personalized classroom experience.