Program Documents for Current Students

DePaul University’s websites and program site are currently in transition. Program Information, Program Documents, Forms, Resource Guide and the Library Exercise links that have been previously available to our students on Blackboard are available by direct request from our program office. To request this information, please call the MALS/IDS Program Office at 773-325-7840 or email Joe Andrukaitis at or Jane Bohnsack at Following is the list of available documents:


  • Autumn Quarter Classes
  • Candidacy Continuation Information
  • Graduate Financial Assistance


  • Enhanced Portfolio Essay Capstone
  • Exit Course Capstone Guide
  • IDS Graduation Procedures
  • Independent Study Courses in MLS and IDS: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Internship Guidelines for MALS and IDS
  • MALS Learning Goals
  • Midpoint and Culminating Point Essay Guidelines
  • New MALS/IDS Program Requirements
  • Policies on Grades and Status in the MALS and IDS Programs
  • Portfolio Guidelines
  • Registration Categories for MALS and IDS Students
  • Thesis and Practicum Capstone Guide


  • Application for Thesis and Practicum Capstone
  • College of Communication Registration Request Form
  • Enhanced Portfolio Essay Capstone Application and Agreement
  • Exit Course Capstone Application and Agreement
  • Final Project Approval Form
  • Final Requirements Report
  • Independent Study form
  • Internship Agreement and Application
  • Kellstadt Registration Guidelines and Form
  • LOC Form
  • LOC Form Instructions
  • MALS/IDS Culminating Project: Completed Thesis Approval
  • MALS/IDS Culminating Project: Formal Proposal Approval Form
  • MALS/IDS Culminating Project: Thesis Committee Member Selection
  • MALS/IDS Partial Tuition Assistance Awards
  • Thesis and Dissertation Requirements


  • 2011-2012 Resource Guide

As our website migrates to DePaul’s new platform, we will notify our current students of its availability.