January 31 Deadline for Confluence Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Writing

MALS/IDS Students,
This is a reminder that the deadline for submissions to the Confluence Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary writing is January 31, 2011.  Please submit your writing to Dr. Gitomer (dgitomer@depaul.edu) if you would like to be considered for this award.  Full details below:

Announcing the January 2011 Deadline

Confluence Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Writing Confluence Award for Excellence in Creative Writing
Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs

The members of the AGLSP board and the editors of Confluence: The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies are pleased to announce this year’s Confluence Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Writing along with the Confluence Award for Excellence in Creative Writing. The first award celebrates interdisciplinary inquiry as the central intellectual practice of graduate liberal studies and critical writing as a foundational tool of graduate study. The second award celebrates creative writing as a form of inquiry, art, and expression. The two winning pieces will be published in the fall 2011 issue of the journal. The authors will each receive a prize of $500 and will be introduced at the AGLSP Annual Conference in October 2011.

Eligibility: The Confluence Award may be given to any current or recent student of a Full Member program of the AGLSP. Pieces are nominated in January, and nominations may include anything written as part of the author’s graduate work during the previous calendar year.

Genre: The interdisciplinary writing award is given to a carefully-researched and well-crafted critical essay that makes exemplary use of interdisciplinary tools in order to engage a general educated audience. The creative writing award is given to an exemplary single piece in any of the genres of creative writing, such as short story, personal essay, creative nonfiction, or poem.

General requirements: Entries may be no longer than 4000 words, including bibliographic materials prepared as endnotes in Chicago style.  Each entry should also include full contact information for the author, a bio note including likely date of graduation, and, in the case of critical essays, a lively 150-word abstract that makes clear the interdisciplinary nature of the piece. Use a recent version of Microsoft Word.

Procedure: For each award, the director of each AGLSP Full Member program may nominate one or two entries each year, based on a screening procedure agreed upon by the program’s regular faculty. Only one piece by each author may be nominated.

Judging will be carried out by the journal’s editorial team. A winner and any honorable mentions will be announced by early summer. Essays awarded an honorable mention may also be published in the journal or on the journal’s web site.

Annual conference: The winners will be introduced at the 2011 AGLSP Annual Conference in October. The Association will pay their registration fee for attending the conference, in hopes that a winner’s home program will help defray the writer’s travel expenses.