Publish Your Thesis Online With Via, DePaul’s Institutional Repository

Students interested in publishing their master’s theses online should take a look at Via, DePaul’s Institutional Repository.

To access Via, click on the “Collections” link from the library homepage, or type Via in the library searchbox on the left-hand
side of the page. You can also access it directly at  To view the list of theses and dissertations, click on “Colleges,
Schools, Departments or Programs” and then “Theses and Dissertations.” 

Via can host working papers, copies of published articles, conference papers, presentations, senior theses, and other research projects–it’s an easy way to have a web presence without needing to know html.

Ryan Hess, the Coordinator for Web Services and the administrator of Via, will be able to answer any questions you may have about this great resource. 

Desire2Learn Replacing Blackboard


Beginning this December, DePaul’s planned Learning Managing System, currently Blackboard, will be transferring to a platform called Desire2Learn <> (D2L). The new D2L site will contain all of your current course information. However, the interface and courseware is different in appearance, and it may take some adjustments as you learn to navigate the new system.  
Students can find ample in-person and online training:
Student training opportunities:
Student training materials:
Important note: the MALS/IDS Blackboard community page will remain up, if you need to find program information or forms, but your individual course information will now only be located on D2L.
The MALS/IDS program staff are more than happy to help if you have any questions or concerns.