Staff Profile: Javaria Afghani


by Jane Bohnsack

Javaria Afghani is a second year graduate student in the Writing and Publishing program. But she also works as a graduate assistant in The Center for Writing Based Learning, one of the best student resources on campus. At The Writing Center, students work with peer tutors who have specialized experience in whatever field of writing they may need assistance. Writing Center tutors offer help with any style of writing students and collaborate with students and faculty of all disciplines and experience levels. They’re trained and available to help hone critical academic writing skills, and really provide a good example of what DePaul is like – multi-disciplinary, knowledgeable, and expansive. This past winter, our MALS and IDS students benefited from Javaria’s expertise when she and Kate, another Writing Center Consultant, visited our “Winter Tune Up” to talk about their experiences as graduate writers and the services offered by the Writing Center that are of particular value to graduate level research/writing.

Javaria’s personal experiences at the Writing Center have definitely led her in an interdisciplinary direction. Prior to working at The Writing Center, she had no real interest in teaching. But in her time here at DePaul, Javaria has really come to appreciate the ways in which her multi-disciplinary skills provide her with the experience necessary to teach, and that she finds real joy in sharing that knowledge with other students. Javaria really considers tutoring to be the best resource available at The Writing Center. In addition to one-on-one tutoring, students can benefit from the Writing Center’s website which offers access to excellent resources, live chats, and email feedback. The students who tutor come from all backgrounds and experience levels — graduate students, undergrads, faculty, multi-lingual speakers. The Writing Center has the resources to assist in any area or field in a truly discipline-specific manner.

You can reach Javaria and other tutors at the Writing Center’s website: . You can also reach Javaria personally with any questions you may have at .