Register Now, MLS 405: Representations of the Body

MALS & IDS Students,

Time is running out to register for Winter Quarter’s MLS 405: Representations of the Body.  This MALS core course (also open to IDS students) is only offered once a year, so now would be a good time to satisfy this requirement if you haven’t already.

MLS 405: Representations of the Body

Wednesday 6 – 9:15 pm, Lincoln Park Campus

Professor Frida Furman

Representations of the body in philosophy, religion, art, and science reveal the human body as the site of rich historical and cultural meanings. Considering Western traditions as well as cultures other that European, this course investigates how structures of power and consciousness converge in and on the body and how they are presented in social space.

Please register as soon as possible if interested, since we may not be able to guarantee seats for much longer.

Feel free to contact the MALS/IDS office at (773) 325-7840 with any questions.