DePaul???s Study Abroad: Can I Really Go There?

by Susan Jacobs

We’ve been telling our students for the past several years about the wonderful opportunities that DePaul’s Study Abroad Program (SAP) offers.  MALS and IDS students have taken advantage of SAP trips to China, Tibet, Ireland, Spain, and soon, Germany and Argentina.  The challenge for our adult students is finding a program that meshes their academic goals and scheduling constraints: work, family, classes.  While some students are fortunate enough to have flexible scheduling and financing that allows longer trips, shorter more accessible trips are becoming available.  This is a great time to consider Study Abroad opportunities.

One upcoming example of a shorter SAP opportunity blends a traditional on-campus LPC course with a trip that takes advantage of academic breaks.  During the first six weeks of Winter Quarter 2011, participants will take a thirty-hour course called “ENG 479: 20th-Century Berlin: History, Literature, Film” (Mon and Thurs nights, 6:00 to 8:30) taught by English Department professor Gerald Mulderig.  Then students go to Berlin for a nine-day guided study tour that develops the contents of the course they’ve had.  Undergraduates then go on to Bonn, and graduate students return to the US and work on a final course project due by the end of the term.  Graduate students are of course free to extend their stay in Europe at their own expense. We know that first year MALS student Vesna Lazaar plans to be on this trip, and we are eager to hear her report when she returns.  For more information, please visit: